Little Women

By Mark Adamo

Performances: February 23, 25, 26, 2017
McCullough Theatre


Mark Adamo’s Little Women is adapted from Alcott’s classic novel of a young woman’s understandable but doomed struggle to prevent life from taking her beloved sisters away from her. The story focuses on Jo, the second of four teenaged daughters in a free-thinking New England family during the Civil War era. Energetic and headstrong, Jo cherishes her perfect family life and doesn’t want it to ever change. However, as life progresses with its joys, tragedies, conflicts, and resolutions, Jo comes to realize that the only way to the future is to accept the past as the past, no matter how happy yesterday was, because it can never come again. As she accepts this sad wisdom, a romantic interest enters her life.

Jo: Ellie Shattles

Meg: Stephanie Doche

Beth: Abigail Jackson

Amy: Maria Cook (Brittany Santos, cover)

Chorus quartet: Brittany Santos, Suzanne Lis, Isabel Gomez, Isabella Dolande

Laurie: Junsuk Park

John Brooke: Andrew Breuninger

Friedrich Bhaer: Mikhail Smigelski

Alma March: Rachel Lamphier

Gideon March: Seunghee Lee

Mr. Dashwood: Evan Cooper

Cecilia March: Page Stephens


Conductor: Kelly Kuo
Stage Director: Jessica Burton
Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze
Principal Pianist: Yu-Ju Wu
Assistant Pianists: Alicia Falcón Rodríguez, Ann Schaefer
New Music Ensemble