Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi

By Giacomo Puccini


Performances: October 21, 23, 28, 30, 2016
McCullough Theatre

Sister Angelica has been forced to enter a convent by her family, following a scandal. Her aunt the Princess pays her first visit since Angelica entered the convent years ago, asking Angelica to sign over her inheritance to her younger sister. The Princess reveals that Angelica’s illegitimate son, whom she has thought of every day since she entered the convent, died years ago. Distraught, Angelica prepares a poison and commits suicide.

Suor Angelica: Natalie Howard (Aariana Longino, cover)

La zia principessa: Ellie Shattles

La badessa: Isabel Gomez

La suora zelatrice: Stephanie Doche

La maestro della novizie: Rachel Lamphier

Suor Genovieffa: Hanna Lee

Suor Osmina: Abigail Jackson

Suor Dolcina: Juliet Morris

La suora infermiera: Maria Cook

Pri. sorella cercatrice: Suzanne Lis

Sec. sorella cercatrice: Lauren Gusman

Una novizia: Brittany Santos

Una conversa: Ally Smith

Sec. conversa: Isabella Dolande

Chorus    S: Alex Burch, Alexia Angelides, Anne Hadley
T: Curtis White, Avery Yebernetsky, Sahel Salam, Jordan Ashworth
B: Andrew Breuninger, Eun Deuk Cho, Evan Cooper, Mikhail Smigelski


Conductor: Kelly Kuo
Stage Director: Margaret Jumonville
Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze
Principal Pianist: Alicia Falcón Rodríguez
Assistant Pianists: Maria Lyapkova, Yu-Ju Wu



Performances: October 21, 23, 28, 30, 2016
McCullough Theatre

In this hysterical farce, Gianni Schicchi opens on the Donati family mourning the passing of their patriarch, Buoso. Their tears, however, are not real until they discover that Buoso has left his immense fortune to a monastery. Frantic and greedy, they call upon Gianni Schicchi, a self-made lower class man, to help them re-write the will. In a series of hilarious hijinks, secret deals, and one ridiculous plan, the family succeeds in tricking the doctor and the notary into thinking that Schicchi is Buoso. However, when the time comes, Schicchi leaves every great part of the fortune to himself. Schicchi reminds the audience that his fraud has not only made him rich and humbled the family, but brought together two young lovers; his daughter, Lauretta, and Rinuccio.

Gianni Schicchi: Ben Cox

Lauretta: Jihee Han, Leehyun Sung

Zita: Ellie Shattles (Rachel Lamphier, cover)

Rinuccio: Soonchan Kwon, Junsuk Park

Gherardo: Sahel Salam

Nella: Abigail Jackson

Gherardino: Brittany Santos

Betto: Mikhail Smigelski

Simone: Seunghee Lee

Marco: Eun Deuk Cho

La ciesca: Bo Kyung Yoon

Spinelloccio: Evan Cooper

Notaro: Maria Cook

Pinellina: Isabel Gomez

Guccia: Aariana Longino

Buoso: Curtis White


Conductor: Kelly Kuo
Stage Director: Azalea Laredo
Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze
Principal Pianist: Yu-Ju Wu
Assistant Pianists: Maria Lyapkova, Alicia Falcón Rodríguez