Fall 2017 Opera Scenes

Performances: Nov. 29th and 30th, 2017
McCullough Theatre


Fall 2017 Scenes: TBD


Fall 2016 Scenes included:

Menotti: The Telephone (complete)

Ben, bearing a gift, comes to visit Lucy at her apartment; he wants to propose to her before he leaves on a trip. Despite his attempts to get her attention for sufficient time to ask his question, Lucy is occupied with interminable conversations on the telephone. Between her calls, when Lucy leaves the room, Ben even takes the risk of trying to cut the telephone cord, though his attempt is unsuccessful. Not wanting to miss his train, Ben leaves without asking Lucy for her hand in marriage. But Ben makes one last attempt: He calls Lucy from a telephone booth outside on the street and makes his proposal. She consents, and the two join in a romantic duet over the phone line, at the end of which Lucy makes sure that Ben remembers her phone number.

Lucy: Brittany Santos

Ben: Andrew Breuninger

Conductor: Yu-Ju Wu
Pianist: Alicia Falcón Rodríguez
Stage Director: Kihwa Nam


Rorem: Four Dialogues (complete)

“The late Frank O’Hara conceived the words to “The Quarrel Sonata” (as he first called the FOUR DIALOGUES) expressly to be set by me for the unique combination of two voices and two pianos. This was accomplished early in 1954, mostly in London and Paris. The premiere took place on March 23rd of the following year at a private concert in the Contessa Pecci Blunt’s Roman palazzo. This lavishly somnolent old-world decor seemed gorgeously anachronistic to our glib non-poetry and vulgar music which, in their comic-strip tightness, pre-dated Pop Art by a decade.”   Notes by Ned Rorem

Soprano: Suzanne Lis

Tenor: Jordan Ashworth

Pianists: Kelly Kuo, Tamara Sanikidze
Stage Director: Robert DeSimone


Donizetti: L’elisir d’amore, Act 2, Scene 4

Giannetta: Isabel Gomez

Nemorino: Avery Yebernetsky

Chorus: Lauren Gusman, Anne Hadley, Hanna Lee, Suzanne Lis, Juliet Morris, Alexia Angelides, Alex Burch, Isabella Dolande, Abigail Jackson, Rachel Lamphier, Ally Smith

Pianist: Yu-Ju Wu
Stage Director: Julia Taylor

Donizetti: L’elisir d’amore, Act 2, Scene 8

Nemorino: Junsuk Park

Adina: Lee Hyun Sung/Maria Cook

Pianist: Yu-Ju Wu
Stage Director: Margaret Jumonville

Puccini: Madama Butterfly, Act 1, “Ecco. Son giunte al sommo del pendio.”

Goro: Curtis White

Cio-cio san: Bo-Kyung Yoon

Chorus: Lauren Gusman, Hanna Lee, Suzanne Lis, Juliet Morris, Isabel Gomez, Anne Hadley, Abigail Jackson, Ally Smith, Alexia Angelides, Alex Burch, Isabella Dolande, Rachel Lamphier

Conductor: Yu-Ju Wu
Pianist: Kelly Kuo
Stage Director: Azalea Laredo