Così fan tutte

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Performances: October 27th, 29th, November 3rd, 5th, 2017
McCullough Theatre


It begins with a bet and a question: Are all women fickle? In an attempt to assuage their fears, friends Ferrando and Guglielmo hatch a plan—complete with elaborate costumes—to test their betrothed’s fidelities. Utilizing the time-honored plot device of “fiancé-swapping,” Mozart’s Cosi is a lush and melodic comedy of bad manners.


Fiordiligi: Aarianna Longino (Rachel Lamphier, cover)
Dorabella: Ellie Shattles
Despina: Hanna Lee (Jihee Han, cover; Lauren Gusman, study cover)
Ferrando: Sangmoon Lee (Junsuk Park, cover)
Guglielmo: Said Pressley (Seunghee Lee, cover)
Don Alfonso: Mikhail Smigelskii


Soprano: Lauren Gusman, Elizabeth Seay, Yuxin Zhou
Mezzo: Brigid Becker, Isabella Dolande, Heather Lewis
Tenor: Avery Yebernetsky, Raul Facundo, Nicholas Ryland
Baritone: Christopher Auchter, Will Sturrock, Evan Cooper


Conductor: Kelly Kuo (October 27 & 29), Peter Bay (November 3 & 5)
Director: Margaret Jumonville
Scenic Design: Elliot Gardner
Lighting Design: Mercedes McCleary
IM Design: Kaiwen Fa
Costume Design: Michaele Hite
Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze