La Clemenza di Tito

By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

October 26th and November 2nd, 2018 at 7:30pm

October 28th and Nov 4th, 2018 at 4:00pm



Vitellia, daughter of the late Emperor, wants revenge against Tito, the current Emperor and son of the man who killed her father. She manipulates Sesto, Tito’s friend who is in love with her, to her cause. She holds off the final command, hoping Tito will pick her for his empress. Tito, however, decides to choose Sesto’s sister Servilia. When Tito finds out that his friend Annio is in love with Servilia, he rescinds his proposal and chooses Vitellia instead. Unaware that she has been named Empress, Vitellia tells Sesto to kill the ruler. A riot breaks out, Rome engulfed in flames, and the Emperor is believed to be lost. Act 2 reveals that a last minute switch saved the Emperor, who forgives everyone who plotted against him.

La Clemenza di Tito will be performed in Italian



Tito: Sangmoon Lee (Taiwon Kim, cover)

Vitellia: Leehyun Sung (Zoe Chunghui Kim, cover)

Sesto: Jill Morgan

Servilia: Yuxin Zhou (Chantal Freeman, cover)

Annio: Lauren Gusman

Publio: Reagan Murdock


Soprano: Jimin Lee, Sofia Pina, Annaliese Sandoval, Lauren Searls

Mezzo: Alexia Angelides, Brigid Becker, Heather Lewis, Emma Zahniser

Tenor: Taiwon Kim, Zoe Karahouni, Nicholas Ryland

Baritone: Christopher Auchter, Luke Berringer, Evan Cooper, Paul Hainey



Conductor: Kelly Kuo
Stage Director: Margaret Jumonville
Scenic Design: Roxy Mojica
Lighting Design: Kathryn Eader
Costume Design: Michaele Hite
Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze
Music staff: Gongming Jiang, Shih-Han Su