The Women, The Telephone, Trouble in Tahiti

“An American Evening”: Three American Operas

Kelly Kuo, conductor

with the UT New Music Ensemble

February 28th at 7:30pm

March 2nd at 7:30pm

March 3rd at 4:00pm

All performances at McCullough Theatre



The Women
By Thomas Pasatieri

The eternal nature of the conflict between a man, his wife and his mother is set into sharp relief by this surreal opera, which places all three characters in the after-life.

Mother: Aarianna Longino 

Wife: Zoe Karahouni

Man: Paul Hainey


Stage Director: Helen Sohyun Park

Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze

Music staff: Gongming Jiang, Shih-Han Su


The Telephone
By Gian Carlo Menotti

The story of Ben, who tries in vain to propose to Lucy, a telephone addict. Finally, Ben succeeds by proposing on the telephone.

Lucy: Chang Liu (Yuxin Zhou, cover)

Ben: Evan Cooper 

Telephone 1: Sofia Follman

Telephone 2: Sydney Perez

Telephone 3: Christopher Auchter


Stage Director: Matthew Schulz

Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze

Music staff: Gongming Jiang, Shih-Han Su


Trouble in Tahiti
By Leonard Bernstein

Considered a light-hearted but pointed satire of 1950s suburban sophistication and marital discontent, the work concerns the “path to divorce” followed by a housewife and her commuting husband. Dinah and Sam, both in their thirties, shatter the opening trio’s mood of romantic bliss with their domestic quarreling. They have grown apart after ten years of marriage. Sam gets the escape and understanding he needs from his office and gym while Dinah’s trips to the psychiatrist and her spending sprees do the same for her. The lack of communication between the two reaches a climax when they both go see a terrible movie, Trouble in Tahiti, a film which Dinah doesn’t admit to having seen earlier that day. The Greek chorus (the trio), in the style of radio commercials of the time, extols the virtues of suburban life.

Sam: Taehwan Kim

Dinah: Jill Morgan (Brigid Becker, study cover)

The Trio:

Soprano: Sofia Pina

Tenor: Taiwon Kim

Baritone: Evan Cooper


Stage Director: Robert DeSimone

Principal Coach: Tamara Sanikidze

Music staff: Gongming Jiang, Kihwa Kim, Shih-Han Su